The Black Widow She-Dwarf is a specific kind of She-Dwarf that will kill the player immediately after they mate. She does not pass on any particularly special bonus to the offspring; she is considered an honorable way to speed up the pace of an intentional legacy game without resulting in a star-crossed new character.

Wooing the Black Widow She-DwarfEdit

The Black Widow is easy to identify because the other She-Dwarfs will give her a wide berth as she moves through the level. There is a 1 in 20 chance that she will fall for you at first sight, causing her to corner, attack, and murder any other She-Dwarfs that come near you. If you allow her to kill another She-Dwarf, no She-Dwarf but the Black Widow will mate with you.

But if you've decided the Black Widow is the one for you, you should investigate her pot. If she is making Cyclops Eye Soup, you must bring her six cyclops eyes-- by, of course, killing (but not blinding) six cyclopses. If, however, she is making Scrumptious Cupcakes, you must bring her four of the five following: a cup of sugar, stick of butter, a flower (one of the game's puns), two roc eggs, and yummy sprinkles. Her pot will already contain one of these ingredients (often, thankfully, the hard-to-get flower), which helps you infer which ones you need. (While it's somewhat easy to infer the missing ingredient for Cyclops Eye Soup, the player likely wouldn't figure out this recipe unless they come across the Scroll of Scrumptious Cupcake Making.)

It is possible, after successfully wooing the Black Widow, to jilt her and then simply steal her cupcakes or her soup (this being the only way to get ahold of Cyclops Eye Soup).

Mating with the Black Widow She-DwarfEdit

Immediately upon mating, the offspring will be born and the player will die, making it impossible to pass on specific items to the new character. It is possible to mate with the Black Widow without first wooing her, but only if (1) her sluttiness rating is very high, or (2), she had already murdered another She-Dwarf on your behalf.

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