The Caverns of Creation is a hundred-level randomly-generated dungeon that, with the exception of the Garden of Eden, is the setting of the entire Dwarf Hammer experience. The game's main antagonist, God, resides with His Angels in the molten center of the Earth on the hundredth level.

The Caverns are filled with various creations that God determined to be too hostile, weird, angry, or just plain ugly to inhabit the surface. Denied the Sun that nourishes His chosen creatures, the inhabitants of the Caverns are filled with sadness and melancholy. Shortly after the Fall of Man, a group of dwarfs escaped from the Caverns, vowing to return and free their fellow creatures from the darkness they were born into.

The player takes the role of one of these dwarfs, several generations down the road, equipped with the Dwarf Hammer and determined to fight their way to the hundredth level and bludgeon God.

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