The Cyclopses are powerful creatures who have a 40% chance of dealing critical damage with every physical attack-- two in a row, of course, would like finish the player off if the first hasn't.

Taking on a CyclopsEdit

A single arrow will often blind the cyclops, making him relatively easy prey. However, doing so will also destroy the eye, so if you are attempting to collect eyes for the Cyclops Eye Soup, it's best to avoid permanently blinding a cyclops. Using Bedazzle might be a decent alternative.

At base, cyclopses have almost no defense against magic, making them good targets for any number of long-range spells. Like any creature, it's always important to identify a cyclops's Composition Type before engaging them in battle; use Transmog if you have it to make him more vulnerable to what you have in your spell queue. It's usually best to avoid glass cyclopses altogether, though those who have managed to take one down consider it a point of honour.

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