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About Dwarf HammerEdit

Dwarf Hammer Wiki is your guide to Dwarf Hammer, an extremely complex and difficult rogue-like dungeon-crawl game, in which the player burrows beneath the Garden of Eden into the Caverns of Creation, a hundred-level dungeon, with the ultimate goal of murdering the Old Testament God with the titular hammer.

Dwarf Hammer is a freeware game with a thriving underground community. The download file is only made available on certain random nights of the year, and always on a different website. Whenever the file is going to be made available, clues are placed in inconspicuous locations around the world in a sort of alternate reality game. Its secret, esoteric nature is a large part of its mystique.

Spotlight: The Smite ProblemEdit

The Smite Problem is an umbrella-term for various debates in the Dwarf Hammer community about the smite attack, an unsoakable instant-kill attack that can be used by God at any point in the game, through no fault of the player's. Discussions of the smite problem generally fall into two categories: attempts to convince the dev-team to eliminate the smite attack, and the cultivation of strategies to counteract it, such as the use of the Sasquatch Hide Armor. (read more)

Our 50th Article!Edit

The Black Widow She-Dwarf is a specific kind of She-Dwarf that will kill the player immediately after they mate. She does not pass on any particularly special bonus to the offspring; she is considered an honorable way to speed up the pace of an intentional legacy game without resulting in a star-crossed new character from suicide. (read more)

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