Fat Charlie the Archangel guards the only entrance to the estate of the Gnome Crimelord on the 35th level of the Caverns of Creation. He is the first angel that the player meets in the game.

To gain access to the wedding party, you must either defeat him in combat (which, like all combat with an Archangel, will prove difficult for most players) or bribe him with the Mama Mia Pasta Sauce.

The fact that he can be bribed with the sauce is one of the game's most famous bits of loopy logic, as it is never mentioned and requires you to connect the Gnome Crimelord with the Sicilian She-Dwarf. Fat Charlie himself never says anything except, "I've filed for divorce"; though in Dwarf Mallet, this is followed by, "Boy, I'd love to have some of the Mama Mia Pasta Sauce made by the Sicilian She-Dwarf!"

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