Garlic is a comestible that, when ingested, restores between 5 and 10 mana points. There is a 1 in 20 chance that a clove of garlic will restore all mana.

Other UsesEdit

A vampire will always avoid a square occupied by a clove of garlic, and so dropping several cloves of garlic in strategic places is an important part of cornering a vampire to prevent him from casting Now You See Me. Vampires in wolf form will also avoid garlic, which helps determine whether a wolf is a wolf or a vampire in disguise.

The Sicilian She-Dwarf requires 25 cloves of garlic for her Mama Mia Pasta Sauce. Helping her make her sauce is an important part of wooing the Sicilian She-Dwarf, not to mention bribing your way to the Gnome Crimelord.

Garlic is also irresistable to the otherwise dangerous hush puppy, which will always stop whatever it is doing to snarf one up.

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