God is the main antagonist of Dwarf Hammer; the object of the game is to fight, sneak, and puzzle your way down to the hundredth level of the Caverns of Creation-- that is, to the center of the earth itself-- and bludgeon Him to death with your Hammer. God is represented in the game by the letter Y.


In the game's lore, the Earth was made from the inside out, with God and His Angels at its core. All living creatures were created in these Caverns of Creation and tested before being placed on Eden and named by Adam. Creatures that fail these tests are doomed to remain in the caverns forever, never seeing the light of the Sun.

These creatures are mythical beasts and cryptids such as vampires, gorgons, and Sasquatch. The in-game explanation for the various myths and legends surrounding these creatures is that those are members of that species that have escaped.

Shortly after the Fall of Man, a large group of dwarfs escape the Caverns, trek across the earth, and create an underground colony. These dwarfs periodically send one of their young men back to Eden with a hammer, giving him the mission of killing God and thus freeing all the Caverns' inhabitants from His tyranny.

God's StatsEdit

God's stats are unique among the enemies in the game in that His stats are flexible; at the beginning of the game, for example, God's hit points are assigned a number between 100 and 1,000; every turn of the game, His hit points and attack power increase by +1. The longer you play the game, the stronger God becomes.

Strategies for Killing God (in theory)Edit

God has access to all magic in the game (except healing) and can summon any creature of a type the player has not killed before (one at a time), which leads some players to kill all very dangerous creatures and to avoid all harmless ones (though some players favor leaving the Gorgon alive and attaining the Gorgon-Taming skill through three generations of mating). God has a powerful smite attack which has a chance of actually striking the player before he's even made his way to God's chamber; the smite attack deals unsoakable physical damage equal to the player's max hit points, killing the player instantly if it hits (though there are ways, including the Sasquatch Hide Armor, to decrease the chances the smite will connect).

God is the only creature without a Chinese Zodiac; He can change His Composition Type at will. This makes Him more vulnerable to different types of attacks at different times. However, in order to beat the game, the killing blow must be delivered with the Hammer. He is of course most susceptible to physical damage when made of flesh, which makes the Transmog spell a must.

Because God does not have access to healing spells, and because zombie dwarfs are immune to the fatal smite attack, a zombie theoretically can breeze through the encounter (so long as God does not summon any creatures with healing spells).

However, it should be noted that as of this writing (January 24, 2010), no one has ever managed to murder God (with the hammer) or complete the game.

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