The gorgon or medusa is a type of creature in Dwarf Hammer, represented by an upper-case G. Standing in any square within the gorgon's line of sight-- think of that line as the possible moves of a rook or castle in chess-- will turn the player to stone, resulting in instant death. Using a mirror or glass creature will reflect the gorgon's stare, turning it into stone and killing it-- unless, of course, it is the deadlier Stone Gorgon.

Gorgons are immune to Transmog but vulnerable to all other spells, depending, of course, on their Composition Type. Gorgons are immune to the stares of other gorgons.


Gorgon-Taming is a skill that renders the player immune to the gorgon's stare and gives the player a 1 in 3 chance of making a gorgon into a pet (subject to the modifiers of the gorgon's composition types). The gorgon will remain faithful to the player, stoning enemies, but will not leave whatever level she is on.

God and the GorgonEdit

The player can tame a gorgon on the hundredth level, and use it to stone God. This will not kill God, but make him more vulnerable to stone vulnerabilities and more susceptible to the Flesh Transmog. Provided the player has compensated for the stone strengths, this could be a useful strategy. However, because God usually summons creatures of a type you haven't killed, killing a gorgon to attain the gorgon-taming skill in the first place doesn't work; it's best to cultivate this skill through selective breeding and leave all gorgons alive.

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