Gorgon-taming is both a passive and active skill that is earned when the player has slain thirteen gorgons. Passively, it renders them completely immune to all gorgon stares, thus allowing them to get close to the gorgon. When the player is adjacent to a gorgon, they can attempt to tame it by using the command "g".

If successfully tamed, the gorgon in question will follow the player around the level, stoning all hostile creatures. They can be directed using the puppy commands, though they will not go up or down stairs to other levels. (Because you can only have one pet at a time, you cannot tame a gorgon when accompanied by a puppy or vice-versa.)

Gorgon-taming is a recessive hereditary skill, and can be passed on through mating if both the grandfather and father have attained the skill. Once the skill has been passed on, the son will avoid killing any gorgons so that they can spawn in the final battle with God, who can be stoned.

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