A roc is a large creature that only becomes hostile when her roc eggs are threatened. Represented by an "R", the roc has a number of devastating physical attacks and can cover the space of up to six squares in a single turn, making it a dangerous foe indeed.

Taking on a RocEdit

Roc AttacksEdit

The roc can swipe at you with her claws and beak; the beak does gorging damage. Her claws can also be used to pick up objects and throw them at the player, doing unsoakable damage; for that matter, the roc can grab the player and hoist him into the air. While this doesn't do any immediate damage, she can deposit him in a trap or among a group of enemies, or she can toss him against a wall, again doing unsoakable damage.


The roc is vulnerable to arrows, magic, and other long-range attacks, but only to a point; again, she can quickly close the distance between herself and the player. She has a natural resistance to blindness, and so spells like Bedazzle and Magoo are of limited utility.

Physical melee attacks are generally unwise because it puts you in greater danger from her attacks, and because there's a fairly high miss percentage (78%) when the roc is airborn. At base, however, she has a negative -10 "bonus" for close-quarters physical damage in general and -15 for the Dwarf Hammer in particular.

Crooning will decrease her hostility (and thus attack power/effectiveness/speed) by -4 points but her hostility goes up +1 every round, and +2 if you're within five squares of the nest.

In general, there's no real surefire strategy to beat the roc; players must just use a mixture of these attacks to chip away at her hp while simultaneously trying to avoid her as you lick your wounds.

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