Dwarfhammer sasquatch

A dwarf (@) lures the Sasquatch ($) out of hiding with a puppy (p).

The Sasquatch
is a unique, one-of-a-kind monster, represented by "$", that always appears in the 60th level of the Caverns of Creation and is always made of Flesh (though his Chinese Zodiac sign is not fixed). Sasquatch deals massive amounts of physical damage and has an unusually high natural soak for a flesh creature (absorbing between 70-90% of all damage, with a 80% chance of an outright miss for physical damage).

Upon its destruction it drops the Sasquatch Hide Armor-- easily the most valuable armor in the game, especially since it helps defend against God and His smite attack. It only drops if the player is himself composed of Flesh, and is destroyed should the player Transmog by way of glass creature.

To kill the Sasquatch, he must be first lured out of hiding by a puppy. Because of the difficultly inherent in getting a puppy from the 10th to 60th level, the Composition Type restrictions placed on the player after attaining the armor, and the grueling nature of trying to defeat a creature that deals massive physical damage in a form that's acutely vulnerable to the same, some players feel the Sasquatch and his hide is more trouble than they're worth.

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