The Sasquatch Hide Armor is the most valuable armor in the game, won after defeating the Sasquatch on Level 60 of the Caverns of Creation (but only if the player is made of flesh). It soaks between 70-90% of all damage and has an 80% miss rate for all physical damage, including God's smite attack. This makes it highly desirable to some players and a viable, if not fool-proof way to deal with the Smite Problem. However, defeating the Sasquatch is a difficult and time-consuming task in and of itself, not the least of which is breeding and safe-guarding a suitable puppy through fifty dungeon levels.

Other BonusesEdit

The Sasquatch Hide is also unique in that it gives the player a +10% physical attack bonus-- the only armor in the game to do so. It also effectively disguises you as Sasquatch to all creatures of below-average intelligence; creatures at an experience level lower than twenty will flee in terror. If you attack a fleeing enemy, there is a 2 in 3 chance they will not attack but continue to flee.

Vulnerabilities & DownsidesEdit

The Sasquatch Hide is only dropped when the player's composition type is flesh, and if the player bounces a Transmog off a glass creature, the hide will be destroyed. While it will soak between 70-90% of damage from Horrible Burning, prolonged exposure to the spell, or frequent combat with charcoal creatures can cause it to burn up.

The Sasquatch Hide, once equipped, will unequip all other armor-- gloves, helmets, boots, belts, what-have-you. Attempting to equip any other armor type will unequip the Sasquatch Hide Armor; the hide cannot be carried. If dropped, it will disappear. Once equipped, it must be worn for the rest of the game if you want to use it.

Merchants will gladly buy the armor for 999,998 ducats, but once you unequip the armor to hand it over, it will disappear, at which point you can: (1) give the money back, (2) fight the merchant, or (3) run like hell.

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