The She-Dwarfs are friendly flesh creatures found in levels 20 to 23 of the Caverns of Creation, represented by a "f". Wooing and then mating with a She-Dwarf produces offspring, circumventing some of the randomness of the Character Creation system and allowing the player to pass on certain helpful skills, such as Gorgon-Taming.

Attempting to mate with more than one She-Dwarf will cause the second to refuse and the first to kill the child.

Talking to She-Dwarfs will restore the player's health, making them a hazard for zombie players.

Specific She-DwarfsEdit

In the current version, most of the She-Dwarfs are randomly generated creatures, but there are three specific She-Dwarfs who appear each game. Players wishing to mate with them specifically must use clues to correctly identify them and then fulfill special wooing conditions.

According to the dev team, the next major release of Dwarf Hammer, scheduled for release in 2009 but still overdue, will give every She-Dwarf a distinct personality and wooing quest.

She-Dwarfs in Dwarf MalletEdit

While it's possible to transmog a She-Dwarf before mating, all offspring are born of a flesh Composition Type in the mainstream Dwarf Hammer game. The Dwarf Mallet off-shoot, however, allows players to turn the She-Dwarf into glass and pass that composition types to their offspring, effectively making that offspring immune to all magic in the game (save Shatter). This is considered by Dwarf Hammer purists to be yet another example of why Dwarf Mallet is won routinely, and no one has ever defeated God in Dwarf Hammer.

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