The Sicilian She-Dwarf is a specific She-Dwarf who is wooed when the player brings her 25 cloves of garlic with which she completes her Mama Mia Pasta Sauce. In addition to giving the player the sauce after they mate, she passes on the crooner skill to their offspring, which some in the community consider a definite plus in the early stages of the game, especially Eden.

Wooing the Sicilian She-DwarfEdit

The Sicilian She-Dwarf is very social, often engaging other She-Dwarfs in conversation. It can take her quite some time to return to her home and unlock the door. Once she has, though, you can investigate her pot, which gives you the message, "Mmm... it's a nice tomato sauce, but it's missing that little something."

That little something is the garlic. Once you bring her some garlic, you'll get the message, "Yes, of course, it was missing the garlic. Needs some more, though." Afterwards, you'll get the messages, "Not enough garlic..." and, once you've cleared twenty cloves, "Oh, this tastes so good, almost there..."

Once you've brought her twenty-five cloves, which you can do all at once, she'll make the Mama Mia Pasta Sauce, give it to you, and expect you to mate. If you jilt her, every gnome in the game will have a 10+ increase in hostility towards you. Why the gnomes should be so protective of her is never explained, though this might be the game's subtle way of trying to make a connection in the player's mind between the sauce and the Gnomefather.

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