The smite attack is a powerful and deadly attack used only by God, the game's main antagonist. Operating from the logic that God not only exists on the hundredth level of the Caverns of Creation but is also omnipresent, the attack has a 1 in 2000 chance of striking at any point in the game before the hundredth level, and a 1 in 1000 chance during the final battle, subject to the player's own luck rating (players with low luck have a higher chance and players with high luck a lower chance). If God uses the attack, it has a 90% chance of striking. God only uses the attack once, so if the attack does not hit, the player is safe.

The attackEdit

The attack does unsoakable physical damage equal to the player's max HP. Armor, shields, and magical protection have no defense against smite because it is unsoakable. The exception is the Sasquatch Hide Armor, which has a 80% miss rate for physical attacks. Again, it cannot soak damage from the attack, but it decreases/mitigates the chance of the attack hitting.

Zombie Dwarf StatusEdit

The unofficial zombie status is functionally immune to the attack because the zombie has negative hit points; if the attack hits, the zombie's negative hit point pool will only dip further into the red.

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