Transmog is an extremely useful high-level spell that changes the Composition Type of most creatures to one that the player designates. Stone creatures in particular have an extremely high chance of being successfully transmogged into flesh.


Gorgons and glass creatures cannot be transmogged. The player cannot be directly transmogged.

Indirect TransmogEdit

Casting Transmog on a glass creature will cause the spell to bounce back on its caster. This makes it possible for the player to transmog themselves by casting transmog onto a glass creature. This is useful because otherwise the player is made of vulnerable, squishy flesh. However:

  • Casting a Stone Transmog will turn the player to stone, which kills him immediately.
  • Because casting a Transmog on a creature of the same type-- for example, casting a Stone Transmog on a stone creature-- results in a null effect, casting a Glass Transmog on a glass creature does not cause it to bounce, and so the player cannot Transmog themselves to glass.

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