Vampires are a type of very powerful hostile creature found in the Caverns of Creation, represented by a "V". They are never found in Eden, and they never spawn on the same level as a gorgon.

Vampires have a high mana pool, a vast collection of spells, and a +15% magical damage bonus for all spells cast. They also do a fair amount of base physical damage, and every hit-point you lose in close-quarters combat is added to his own hit-points, making such combat a dangerous proposition. Able to disguise themselves as a wolf, they have a habit of surprising a player, striking stunning damage, and then casting Now You See Me to avoid reprecussions.

One of the most common mistakes for new players is to take on a vampire too early; even veteran players will only take on one vampire in a game, and that is only to prevent him from being summoned by God in the final battle.

Taking on a VampireEdit

The most important part of taking on a vampire is to corner him so that he cannot cast Now You See Me. Dropping garlic in a square will cause the vampire to avoid it; they can still cast Now You See Me until they have been completely surrounded by either the garlic, a movable object, the walls, your dwarf, or another creature. They won't cast Now You See Me until combat has begun, so it's best to run away from a vampire or a wolf whom you suspect of being a vampire until you have completely scoped out the level layout and set up a few cloves and objects to your advantage.

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