To mate with a She-Dwarf, the player must first woo her (unless she has an unusually high sluttiness rating). Each She-Dwarf will require that you either bring her an object or kill a type of creature. Two or three of them will tell you exactly what they want, but most She-Dwarfs are shy and will not reveal their desires directly; the three specific She-Dwarfs will never do so.

What Women WantEdit

Non-Specific She-DwarfsEdit

Talking to a She-Dwarf will often reveal a clue to what she wants. These requirements are generated randomly, can always be met within five dungeon levels either way, and do not always appear in any given game. For example:

  • "I've always liked seafood," is an oblique reference to the hush puppy. Killing a hush puppy will win her hand.
  • "Are you a dangerous dwarf to know?", means that she wants you to commit some kind of crime-- usually robbing the bank, though some other kind of daring larcency, such as stealing from a heavily-armed merchant, will also suffice.
  • "I hate being stuck down here in the dark, with no idea what's happening in the world": obtain a newspaper subscription in her name.

It should be noted that the forthcoming version of Dwarf Hammer eliminates these non-specific She-Dwarfs and instead provides each She-Dwarf with a specific quest.

Specific She-DwarfsEdit

The three specific She-Dwarfs are the Sicilian She-Dwarf, the Black Widow She-Dwarf, and the She-Dwarf Princess. They will not reveal their identity in dialogue but through their actions or surroundings. Their wooing quests are also inferred by investigating their domiciles.

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