It is possible to die in Dwarf Hammer on the game's first level, Eden, without having made a single move. This is known as a Zero-Move Death; there are three confirmed ways to "accomplish" this.

  • The player could spawn on the square occupied by the Crystal Germ that has a 1 in 99 chance of spawning in the first place. Given that Eden has a possible 2,400 squares, the chances of this happening are rather astronomical. It it thusly considered the most "valuable" of the three deaths.
  • The player could spawn with zero hit points, resulting in death. This is the most common (and annoying) of the instant deaths. But, since the game assigns the player a hit point value of between -1 and 3, starting with 3 and scaling down (that is, the player has a 4 in 5 chance of spawning with 3 hit points, and if they end up with the 1 of 5, they have a 3 in 4 chance of spawning with 2, then a 2 in 3 chance of spawning with 1, and then a coin-toss chance between 0 and -1) it's also possible for the player to spawn as a zombie. Some players intentionally choose combinations that will drastically lower their luck rating into the negative range, thus increasing the chance of either a 0 or a -1. Given the ridiculous and time-consuming complexity of character creation, some players believe those that constantly get 0 hit points chasing after -1 are getting what they asked for.
  • Relatedly, players with a star-crossed combination (intentional or unintentional) have a 1 in 20 chance of being struck down dead by God before their first move, a 1 in 200 after their first, and a 1 in 20000 chance for every move thereafter.

It is also theoretically possible for a highly emo dwarf to commit suicide before his first turn; while there is nothing in the game's code to prevent this from happening, no player has had it happen... yet.

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